The Philadelphia Area Orff-Schulwerk Association (PAOSA) is a non-profit organization of music and movement educators who believe that professional development is a continual and ongoing endeavor. We were originally charted under the name Delaware Valley Orff-Schulwerk Association on April 24, 1970. We are affiliated with our national association, AOSA (American Orff-Schulwerk Association).  Through our series of workshops, we provide opportunities for educators, and specifically music educators, to expand and examine innovative ideas in music education, and to renew inspiration and vision for those currently using the education principles of Carl Orff. We look to offer enthusiasm and impetus to persons newly embarked on Schulwerk philosophies and techniques as well as those who are more established in the profession. Through the workshop series, the growth and vitality of the Schulwerk philosophy and process are assured and its relevancy to the finest aspects of American education demonstrated.