Class Title: PAOSA Prof Development

Class Number: 6320 D26

Cost: $360

Credit Hours: 2

Course Type: Online

Instructor: Becky Burdett

Ashland University Registration Instructions:

  • Before the deadline of DATE , go to the following website to register for graduate credit:

  • Select "Quicklinks."

  • Select "Department Directory."

  • Select “Professional Development."

  • Select “Online Class Offerings.”

  • Select the sponsor (AU-Elyria)

  • Click on the title of the correct course.

  • Click on “Register for this Course” (green button toward the bottom of page).

Course Syllabus: PAOSA Prof Development


  • Attendance totaling 25 hours of workshops from our list of online sessions.

  • Lesson Plans Write and submit four lessons plans based on the activities from the workshops you attend. These can be in your own format.

  • Complete the workshop reflection within 10 days of the workshop

  • Online Component On the PAOSA Facebook page, or Google Classroom stream, start a discussion about the new knowledge you gained from each workshop attended within a week of the workshop. Also, respond to someone else’s post. (six posts and six responses total)

  • Contribution Propose a mini lesson to share at our May chapter sharing